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We warmly and enthusiastically commend the sermons found here. There is nothing quite like 'being there' as the Word of God is expounded; to see people converted under the plain exposition of scripture; to see young believers being grounded in the faith; to see lives being affected as the Lord speaks through the Word. Those who have been privileged to sit under the ministry of great speakers such as Stuart Olyott believe that such material should be more widely and readily available - to take the messages preached to a wider audience. Click the 'Sermons' link to access and download for free the sermons.

The catalogues on the sermons link are stored in pdf format. There is a link below to Adobe's website below where you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required to open pdf files. Also, since the sermons are mp3's, there is a link to an mp3 player called CoolPlayer. Most users will not need to use this program, but if you have trouble playing the sermons then follow the link below and when you get the program open, right click and select 'Options', then press 'Register Filetypes'. When you open a sermon, it should then play through CoolPlayer.

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