Every Christian believer should have a good understanding of the Word of God. To help us, God has given to the church many preachers who have the ability to explain his Word in a clear and straightforward way. One such person is Stuart Olyott. This site consists, primarily, of a growing collection of his works. The sermons are in a high compressed MP3 format (24kbps for Stuart Olyott, 96kbps for Don Stephens) which enables us to allow downloading whilst retaining audio quality. We would like to offer you an opportunity to purchase both Stuart Olyott's sermons and Don Stephen's short talks on one USB memory stick in MP3 format (as per the website). This contains roughly 1,300 sermons in English, 158 sermons in French, along with sermon notes and a number of short articles in pdf format.
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Please note that the sermons vary in age, some which are 40 years old but are greatly beneficial to the Church today. There is some lessening of sound quality compared with the more recent sermons that are included, but we felt it was important to preserve them. We are confident that those who have the privilege of listening will agree with this judgment!

Any monies generated from the sales will go back into re-mastering the sermons, and help us reduce the costs for others. If you would like to make a donation to help us achieve our aims, then please use the button provided. This uses established technology from PayPal. Note: You do not need a PayPal account to pay - PayPal accepts all major cards.

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All-in USB Memory Stick

(by Stuart Olyott & Don Stephens)
Order Online - USB Memory Stick £20
Order Online - USB Memory Stick £22 (inc AIR MAIL)
for customers overseas to the UK

Please note: The "All-in USB Memory Stick" above contains ALL the content which was on the CDs, as well as ALL the current website with a few extra items not currently on the website. As such the following CDs below will be removed from the list as stock is used up.

Christians You Should Know MP3 CD

(by Don Stephens)
Order Online - CYSK £3
Order Online - CYSK £4 (inc AIR MAIL)
for customers overseas to the UK

Bugle Calls CDs

Order Online - Bugle Calls £3
Order Online - Bugle Calls £4 (inc AIR MAIL)
for customers overseas to the UK

Volume 2 MP3 CDs

Order Online - Volume 2 £15
Order Online - Volume 2 £16.50 (inc AIR MAIL)
for customers overseas to the UK

Volume 1 MP3 CDs

Order Online - Volume 1 £15
Order Online - Volume 1 £16.50 (inc AIR MAIL)
for customers overseas to the UK


CYSK MP3 CD Contents

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Bugle Calls CD Contents

2 sermons
2 sermons
Only one life
What Jesus taught about discipleship
Zeal, false & true
The last day

Volume 1 MP3 CD Contents

Old Testament
8 series - 102 sermons
New Testament
10 series - 103 sermons
Topical Series & Individual Sermons
9 series - 102 sermons
Genesis ch 1-11,
Genesis ch 25-30 : Jacob,
2 Kings ch 2-9 : Elisha,
Jeremiah : Lessons,
Acts - They Got Converted,
Ephesians - Alive in Christ,
Colossians (1st Series),
1 Timothy,
James (1st Series),
2&3 John,
Back to Basics,
Five Points of the Compass,
Have You Heard what they are Saying?,
Our Problems - God's Answers,
Seven Deadly Sins,
Seven Sayings of the Cross,
This We Believe,
Where do we go from Here?

Volume 2 MP3 CD Contents

Old Testament
5 series - 91 sermons
New Testament
6 series - 102 sermons
Topical Series & Individual Sermons
7 series - 100 sermons
Survey of the Old Testament,
Psalms 1-15 2nd Series,
That Last Evening - John 13-17,
Colossians 2nd Series
James 2nd Series,
1 John
Aspects of spirituality,
Is there an answer?,
The Lord Jesus Christ,
Stepping Stones,
The Ten Commandments,
The Lord's Prayer