Sermons - Don Stephens

A series of short biographical talks of Christians we should know, given by Don Stephens at Belvidere Road Church between 1992 and 2000. All of them are men and women of faith. Paul urges us to imitate those faithful men and women of God, who are examples for us to learn from and follow. The biographies are of great Christians who were ordinary people with a sacrificial desire to serve God. This led them into many areas of His work. All the stories emphasise what we can learn from these people to help us in our Christian lives.

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Early Church Fathers
These eight men come from the period of Church history up to the death of Augustine of Hippo in 430 A.D. All lived in an atmosphere where persecution by pagan Romans was as ever-present possibility, leaving us an example of reliance on God in the face of persecution.

CYSK09 Ambrose
CYSK04 Athanasius
CYSK08 Augustine Pt 2
CYSK05 Chrysostom
CYSK06 Jerome
CYSK02 Justin Martyr
CYSK03 Origen
CYSK01 Polycarp