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Genesis 37-50
Joseph (1975, 1976)
Learning valuable lesson as we go along looking at the history of this man of God the means of keeping the Messiah line alive. Like Christ his life is divided into two, Humiliation and Exaltation, Going through many trials ending up in Glory, So we see that all things work together for good, We see God's word is sure and comes to pass O how wonderful gracious is the Providence of God in the life of this man of God.

JOE01 Intro to the book & Joseph, seeing his good charter Genesis 37:1-11
JOE02 The ten brothers Plot against Joseph Genesis 37:12-36
JOE03 Times are hard but God is with Joseph & God is at work bring about His purposes Genesis 39:1-20
JOE04 A trustworthy man working for God & how God's providence brings to pass God's purpose in God's time Genesis 39:21-40:23
JOE05 He interprets Pharaoh's dreams & is exalted, for all thing works out for the good of God's people Genesis 41:1-45
JOE06 A faithful man of God makes preparation for the future famine (Nothing is permanent in this life) Genesis 41:46-42:9
JOE07 Joseph is not a perfect or sinless man, He had his faults & calls his brothers spies Genesis 42:9-38
JOE08 Jacob send his sons & Benjamin to Egypt for food & their hospitable reception by Joseph Genesis 43:1-25
JOE09 The brothers bow down to Joseph, His dreams fulfilled, for God's word is sure. Genesis 43:26-44:34
JOE10 Joseph forgives his repentant brothers & reveals himself to them Genesis 45:1-15
JOE11 Pharaoh commands to send for Jacob & the family to be brought to Egypt Genesis 45:16-46:7
JOE12 The details of all Jacob's children who came to Goshen in Egypt rejoicing. Genesis 46:8-30
JOE13 Joseph welcomes all his family with no resentment & he was not ashamed of them Genesis 46:31-47:12
JOE14 What happened when the famine began to bite & the promise Joseph gave Jacob Genesis 47:13-31
JOE15 Men of God die. Here are Jacob's dying words & Joseph's sons are blessed Genesis 48:1-22
JOE16 Jacob's funeral, Joseph prophesies the return to Canaan, Joseph's death. Genesis 50:1-26