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New Testament Catalogue

Matthew 5-7
Sermon on the Mount (1976)
Christians don't earn their salvation, it is a gift of God, but being a believer means you will live differently from others. Here we have Christ's instructions on how you should live your life.

STM01 Intro to Sermon on Mount & The Beatitudes living according to Gods law Matthew 5:1-10
STM02 Blessed are the Persecuted also Christians are Salt & Light Matthew 5:11-16
STM03 3 Living under the Law of God, Christ & the Old Testament & you. Matthew 5:17-20
STM04 6th Commandment "Thou shalt not Kill" Its full meaning. Matthew 5:21-26
STM05 7th Commandment No to Adultery, the need for Inward purity & the sacredness of marriage Matthew 5:27-32
STM06 9th Commandment on Oaths & Not to Swearing falsely or use Profanities Matthew 5:33-37
STM07 Public justice was to fit the crime "eye for an eye" No place for your revenge, we are to be Loving Matthew 5:38-48
STM08 Living in the presence of God in Righteousness, in Almsgiving, Prayer (& Fasting) Matthew 6:1-8
STM09 The Lords Prayer an Intro it starts with God Vs 9 Matthew 6:9-13
STM10 The Lords Prayer, its 1st three partitions are about God. Vs 9-10 Matthew 6:9-13
STM11 The Lords Prayer, its last three partitions are about ourselves & our needs. Vs 11-13 Matthew 6:11-15
STM12 The Lords Prayer Conclusion is a Doxology full of Adoration of God. The place of Prayer & Fasting. Matthew 6:9-18
STM13 The Believes Heart, Eyes, Hands & Feet. so don't seek happiness in earthly things Matthew 6:19-24
STM14 Anxieties about the necessities of life Matthew 6:25-48
STM15 Judging others & Instructing others. Matthew 7:1-6
STM16 Two golden rules concerning your relationship with God & others Matthew 7:7-12
STM17 Strive to enter the narrow way to Life everlasting & by you fruits you will be known. Matthew 7:13-23
STM18 Conclusion of the sermon for believers, Saying Build your house on the rock & not on the sand. Matthew 7:24-29