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New Testament Catalogue

Matthew 5-7
Sermon on the Mount (1976)
Christians don't earn their salvation, it is a gift of God, but being a believer means you will live differently from others. Here we have Christ's instructions on how you should live your life.
New Testament Stories (2013)
Here we have 11 great stories from the New Testament which are actual history, we meet real people and see real events. Here Stuart Olyott takes us through the unfolding revelation of God's plan in a simple and straightforward way.
Peter's Eye Witness Account (1996,1997)
In these studies we are invited to share in the thrill of Peter's eye witness account of Christ's works, particularly those leading up to the Messiah's death.
Luke (1977)
Luke's gospel to the Gentiles is the New Testament's fullest historical record of Christ's life on earth. The record has many wonderful stories, tender encounters with despised individuals, with women and children and essential teaching on prayer and the Holy Spirit. A particularly helpful series for younger Christians.
Parables (1993)
The parables are for Christ's people who are willing to sit at the Master's feet and learn. They were in fact Christ's unique and characteristic way of speaking and were designed to divide the hearers. Memorable but often misinterpreted; simple but demanding in their rich truth, Pastor Olyott's main concern is to present the spiritual lessons found in the Lord's stories.
John (1979,1980)
Hear clear and challenging messages on "the profoundest book in the world". John's record is a unique gospel account of the three and a half years he spent listening to "the Lord of glory".
That Last Evening
John 13-17 (1994)
We are very privileged to have these five unique chapters, to be where the disciples were, and be in on the most intimate and moving conversation of the Son of God. We walk on very holy ground as we spend time with our Lord and his disciples on that last evening before Christ's crucifixion. This is a series that will stir our souls and cause us to want to love him more.
Acts - They Got Converted (1994)
Thirty five years have gone by since Christ's resurrection. Luke records what Christ continued to do by his Holy Spirit in the conversion of individuals. Pastor Olyott focuses on selected conversions and how they apply to us now.
Romans 6-8 - This way to Godliness (2005)
Stuart takes us through Romans 6, 7 & 8, the basics of how to live a holy life. He shows us that holiness is moral rather than mystical in character. He explains why law-keeping is a dead end while God's law itself is good. He clarifies the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in transforming our lives to be like Christ and sets before us the glorious prospect of the world to come. The sermons drive us down the motorway of holiness so that we grasp the main points and don't get lost in the side-turnings and alleyways of the text. (Aberystwyth Conference)
1 Corinthians (1978,1979)
This letter exposes the myth that the early church was an ideal church. How does Paul tackle some of the problems found in this cosmopolitan church? Worldliness, heresy, materialism, lovelessness, immorality. Follow this series to find out!
2 Corinthians (1997,1998)
Paul wrote this letter to prepare the Corinthian Church for his final visit. They had been recently dazzled by remarkably gifted preachers and workers of miracles. So Paul addresses the issue of how to discern the true message and messenger from the false. He also gives special attention to the vexing question of power in the Christian's experience. Essential subjects for Christians today!
Galatians (1979,1980)
The great Biblical doctrine of how a sinner is put right with God is presented in this blunt little letter, which Pastor Olyott describes as "dynamite".
Ephesians - Alive in Christ (1981)
Spiritual blessings: past, present and future. What they are, their responsibilities, and how they can be entered into.
Philippians (2011)
Preached at Christ Church on Deeside
Colossians (1st Series) (1978)
Many of today's problems in the Church are still the same as those faced by the Colossian Church. Paul teaches that Christ is the one and only all sufficient Saviour, the object of our faith and source of our life. So to keep us from being lead astray by false teaching we must know the truth about Jesus Christ. Then we who are complete in Him, who is above all, will give Him the pre-eminence.
Colossians [2nd series]
Christ is all and in all (1995)
The problems of the Colossian Church are the same as those found in evangelical churches today: the problems of man made rules in the Church and of a second blessing experience. In this series the apostle's answer to these problems is expounded and the answer given - Christ is all and in all.
1 & 2 Thessalonians (1991)
What would you write about to a group of very young believers? In Paul's first letter to a Church in this position, we learn about our conversion and Christ. In the second letter the apostle deals in a very straight manner with teaching on prayer and the second coming of the Lord.
1 Timothy (1982)
It is a great privilege to have this personal letter between two close men of God. It's exposition of the lives of the Christian worker and the local church requires a solemn approach and a submissive response, since this is an apostolic word from the lips of the Lord himself.
2 Timothy
Paul's last letter (2012)
When the Church is in a mess (2010)
Mr. Olyott writes of his theme: "Sometimes the church is in a mess - through immaturity, error or sin, but something can be done about it". He tells us of the importance of Godly men in leadership. The letter is full of good advice for living a a life of godliness and goodworks.
Philemon (1995)
Paul's shortest letter was a personal one on a private matter, yet it's contents have had a radical effect on individuals, the Christian church and the world at large.
Hebrews (1980)
The writer of this book seeks to rekindle a dampened fire. It is important in understanding the Old Testament and the current work of Christ; also as an antidote to all spiritual ills. In this series we 'consider him' and seek a better view of Christ.
James (2nd Series) (1995,1996)
Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. In this blunt, fast moving letter James speaks to straighten out faults in our lives, defects in our attitudes and perversions in our thinking. We have got to give this series our attention.
James (1st Series)
Holiness, Practical Christianity (1981)
The Apostle James writes to all believers a blunt and fast moving letter to put us straight, because he cares for us. Reminding us of our duty and encouraging us to go on in the faith. He tells us that true faith is demonstrated in holiness which is all about practical Christian living, effecting our deeds, words and thoughts.
1 Peter (1992)
1 Peter teaches us basic Christian truths that we need to know. It teaches us how to live as Christians and prepares us for suffering. This is an ideal series for new Christians, giving a good foundation for the Christian life.
2 Peter (1977)
The intention of Peter's letter is to improve the spiritual health of believers by encouraging us to have a better knowledge of God through his Son. Peter, as the original spokesman of the apostles, addresses us with the Lord's authority. Listen to this series and take the 'tonic' it offers.
1 John (1974)
There were many false teachers who had given false hope to some and dashed the assurance of some Christians. John addresses the question what are the distinguishing marks of a true believer, are these marks in your life.
2 & 3 John (1978)
These two short letters from the Apostle John are written to ordinary believers, to explain how to recognise true and false Christians by their love and by their life. Do they love the truth of God or themselves, do they obey God or follow their own ways.
2 & 3 John (1997)
These two very short apostolic letters deal with important attributes of the Christian, namely fellowship and character respectively.
Jude (1978)
Jude writes a short, but stern letter to rebuke sin, he denounces the false teachers and those who make light of sin, predicting their doom. He advises us how to maintain and build up our Christian faith and strengthen our love for the Lord.
Jude (1997)
Jude writes to warn of dangers in the early church. He emphasises the need for an effectual call to be a Christian, and urges us to be on the look out for fifth columnists in the church.
Revelation (1978)
This blessed and symbolic book is of relevance to all Christians of all times. Its ideas and principles are of permanent validity for the Christian church.
Letters to the Seven Churches
Revelation 2 & 3 (1992)
These letters sent by the Lord to the early churches are not just of historical interest. Every letter is for every church. We should take their warnings and exhortations as from the Lord to our local churches. We must therefore give them our full attention.