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Topical Catalogue

Aspects of Spirituality (1996,1997)
In a superficial age what does it actually mean in experience to walk with God? This midweek series looks at subjects that are not often spoken about today, showing us how to walk with God joyfully.
Back to Basics (1992)
Back to Basics is a series of 14 sermons on absolute Christian basics. It's aim is to give the Christian leaders of tomorrow a good foundation on which to build.
Accompanying notes
The Bible (1977)
These sermons give a broad overview of the Bible - a book we need a special regard for as it is a revelation of the mind of God to us individually. This basic, simple series will enrich our understanding of this precious book.
Bugle Calls
To wake us up to live for Christ (1995)
An army needs bugle calls to awaken it and send it off to battle. In the same way these bugle calls are to exhort and stir up the Christian in our ongoing battle.
The Birth of Christ (1974)
A number of individual sermons preached on Christ, His pre-existance, the prophecies of His coming, the announcement and the events of birth.
Broken things
God is only Interested in Broken things (2009)
It does not matter how bad you have been,you don't have to impress God in your prayers, in your service. God uses ordinary people who rely on Him alone. He uses the weak things of this world, His grace is sufficient. A series preached at Belvidere.
Christ's Death and Resurrection (1993)
A series made up from individual sermons on the 'Easter Story' speaking of the death and resurrection of Christ.
Church Life (Various)
This Series is made up from single sermons preached on the Church, dealing with Its Worship, Prayer, Example & Encouragement, Fellowship, Truth and The Lord's Day
Contemporary Issues (1977)
A helpful series of brief studies looking at some of the many issues facing Christians living with the pressure of today's society.
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Five Points of the Compass (1994)
The Five Points of the Compass are not only five points which will help your Christian life and understanding, but they are also five points which will help you understand the whole of the scriptures, because these five points run through the whole of the sixty six books of the Bible. It is time to start steering by these five points again.
How? (1993)
This is a series of simple talks for young Christians.
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He who wins Souls is Wise (1992)
This is a series of thought provoking individual texts to push us to do something about winning this poor world for Christ.
Have You Heard what they are Saying? (1980)
An evangelistic series answering some of the many common excuses given by people today why they don't need Christ or Christianity.
Individual Sermons
This is a selection of individual sermons which are a sample of many preached over the years on various aspects of the Christian life ranging from Coming to Christ, Prayer and The Use of Time.
Is There an Answer?
Is There an Answer? There IS an Answer! (1996)
Life is full of so many questions, but do they have any answers? This series looks at Doubt, Suffering, Fear, Worry, Depression and Death, and shows that in the Bible real answers can be found.
Living for Christ - Today! (1993,1994)
Today's world isn't yesterday's world. There is much to learn and follow from history, but we have not been called to live then. We are to live for Christ today. How? That's the reason for this series.
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The Lord Jesus Christ (1978)
This series encourages the believer to gaze at the Lord Jesus Christ in all his glory; to ponder his nature, character and work. Pastor Olyott solemnly warns us that without this constant 'looking unto Jesus' we will not finish the race. Highly commended as essential listening.
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Only One Life (1998)
'Only one life, 'twill soon be passed, only what's done for Jesus will last.' This series of 10 sermons urges us to see how brief life is, and impresses on us the need not only to be sure of our eternal destiny but to be on fire for God.
Our Problems - God's Answers (1981)
In this series the Biblical answers to some of the common problems people experience in life are presented. Speaking from years of experience in the Christian ministry, Pastor Olyott preaches evangelistically.
People Like Us (1995)
Rules, good advise, history, biography, preaching. Some of the texts used in the Bible to teach us. We have the have the same questions as people in the past. What's the point? Why me? In this series we learn from five case histories.
Preaching like the master (2007)
This series was preached at Shalom Church in Singapore, the aim was to equip church leaders to rightly handle the Word that glorifies God and edifies saints. The conference themes were based on Stuart Olyott's books 'Preaching pure and simple' and 'Ministering like the Master'. Stuart led the sessions in a way that was engaging' precise and humorous.
Additional notes on similar lines
The Pulpit
Handling the Word (2008-2013)
Over the years Stuart has preached on various aspects of preaching in the pulpit at different meeting. Covering how to make the Word applicable and what errors to avoided.
Accompanying notes
Religions, Cults & Modern Trends (1981)
What the Christian ought to know about the history, basic teachings and errors of some false teachers and some of the major deviations from the historic Christian faith.
Additional notes on similar lines
Shorter Catechism Doctrine
Faith (1974-1975)
Using the Shorter Westminster Catechism Questions as a guild to see what it has to say about the Faith we believe in, we see what are the main doctrines we find in the Word of God the Bible.
Seven Deadly Sins (1992)
Not 'The Seven Deadly Sins', but an acknowledgement that across the centuries the church has recognised these particular sins as particularly deadly. They are analysed and the solution offered - along with sensible advice.
Accompanying notes
Show me how (2011, 2012)
A series of talks for young believers who asking the question how?. Preached at Christ Church on Deeside
Seven Sayings of the Cross (1982)
What was the crucifixion of Christ all about? What did it mean? The last words of Jesus as he hung upon that cross bring out the meaning that is applicable to both believers and unbelievers today.
Stepping Stones (A Popular Catechism) (1995,1996)
The Bible teaches a system of doctrine. All Christians are urged to know the basic teachings of the faith - in order to give an answer for the hope in them and for the other reasons given in this series.
Accompanying notes
The Ten Commandments (1998)
'And God spoke all these words?' Spoken with the voice of God and written with the finger of God, this passage is unique in the Bible. The Ten Commandments are not to be taken lightly. Every generation needs the Ten Commandments preached and applied.
The Lord's Prayer
Matthew 6:9-13 (1992)
All Christians will admit that, no matter how long they have been in the Christian life, they still really need help in prayer. Pastor Olyott expounds our Lord's gentle but strong teaching on this vital subject.
They met the Master (2012)
Jesus met many people from different backgrounds, social and religious standings. How did he deal with them, what principles can we learn in treating others? Join us as we meet the Saviour in these talks.
Twenty Striking Texts (2012)
A series of individual talks spoken at Christ Church in Deeside
This We Believe (1980,1981)
The fundamental teachings of the historic Biblical faith explained simply and with applications.
Accompanying notes
What is a Christian? (1979)
The Bible describes a Christian as a fish, saint, soldier, athlete, servant and even a VIP! But does 'Christian' always mean Christian? What in the world is a Christian?
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Where do we go from Here? (1982)
What does the future have in store? Many people claim to know about the future, but even amongst professing Christians there are often different ideas. This series looks at a number of subjects and finds out what the Bible has to say.
Accompanying notes
So now you are a Christian (1998)
Now you are a Christian, you must change from being self centred to be Christ centred, you have to go on changing to become more like your Saviour. Your aims, your motives, your love, must all be for Christ, these changes result in Obedience to Christ. This series will go on to show just how it must effect every area of your life.